Surprising winter upset: Texas out-snowing major Canadian cities

A couple of snowy weeks in Texas out-snows a Canadian winter?!

Houston, we have snow.

It's not particularly unusual for flake sightings in Texas, but the amounts were borderline once-in-a-generation.


From Lubbock, Texas to Jackson, Mississippi, a healthy swath of snow came together from a pocket of energy that traversed the Pacific Northwest. The trajectory featured a storm track that stayed suppressed in the Gulf of Mexico.

With no warm air to fight, it allowed the palm trees in Jackson to get a temporary coating of white.


We'll give Texas just two weeks of snowfall accumulation, and surely these Canadian snow-making machines such as Ottawa or Halifax can keep up?

Shockingly, no.

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The dismally low snowpack has plagued pockets of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, while just a couple of snowstorms have impacted Atlantic Canada. Quite the contrast in central Texas, where 40 cm have been reported in just the past couple of weeks.



Edmonton, a narrow swath of snow might make an appearance on Wednesday, but where it sets up is still relatively uncertain. Winnipeg, a slow-moving system might finally deliver the goods by Thursday, compliments of a stall stalling out over the region.

Eastern Canada features nothing imminent. There's low confidence of an offshore system for St. John's late-week -- but the way things have been going, it's likely a swing and a miss for accumulating snowfall.

There's still plenty of winter left in Canada, and a lot can happen over the next couple of months.