Sunshine in southern Ontario: Where's the light at the end of the tunnel?

Have you been missing the sun?

December 2023 has been anything but normal across Canada. In Ontario in particular, above-seasonal temperatures, rain, and dense fog have been taking over the forecast in recent weeks, putting a damper on many people's holiday spirits.

Among the lack of December snow and cold temperatures, there has been one other thing missing from southern Ontario as we close out the year: the sun. The sun has been hiding from Ontarians for over a week and is still being shy.

December has been the cloudiest month of 2023 since January, and that's going to continue for the next several days as we transition into 2024.

Toronto December cloud cover chart Dec 28 2023

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Unsettled conditions are going to continue for the next couple of days, but over the weekend, there might be some hints of the sun wanting to be seen. Although rain isn't in the forecast this weekend, mostly cloudy skies will still dominate the forecast. This means we'll have to wait until the new year to see a bit more sun—Monday and Tuesday, to be specific.

Toronto hours of sunlight end of December/beginning of January Dec 28 2023

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Being realistic though, they're not looking like full blue sky days, but at least more sun than clouds, so definitely plan to get out and start the year off right in the outdoors and get some sunlight and fresh air in.

November, December, and January are typically the cloudiest months throughout the year. In addition, the winter month’s long nights and short days are famous for deteriorating one’s mental well-being, so make sure to take care of yourself and soak up the sunshine any chance you get.

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