Significant snow melt with mild and rainy system over the Maritimes this weekend

Widespread rainfall warnings are in effect as the next storm system threatens heavy, flooding rains over parts of the Maritimes this weekend

Concerns are mounting as mild temperatures and abundant moisture track into the Maritimes for the weekend. Melting snow and heavy rainfall could lead to localized flooding, especially after some areas have seen record-setting snowfall during the first half of the month. Rainfall warnings are in effect across Nova Scotia and parts of Prince Edward Island.

In addition to that, a re-freeze of wet surfaces threatens the end of the weekend, as temperatures significantly cool behind the soggy system.

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"Significant runoff is expected due to the combined effect of rain and mild weather, which will lead to significant snow melt," says Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) in the warning.

Comparable systems have caused dangerous road conditions due to the accumulation of water and local flooding, especially in areas with insufficient drainage. This will be the first rainy system in the Maritimes this month.

Friday into Saturday:

After a quick shot of light snow Friday morning, a mild and rainy system is expected over the Maritimes into Saturday. As the warm, moist air continues to surge into the region, rainfall intensity increases overnight on Friday across Nova Scotia, P.E.I., and southern New Brunswick

Particularly for Nova Scotia, the rain could be heavy at times Saturday morning and through the afternoon. Rainfall warnings have been posted for central, northern and eastern sections of the province, including Halifax.

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Baron - ATL precip Saturday am

The Halifax area could see between 30-50 mm of rainfall, with areas to the east into Cape Breton under the range of 50-75 mm through Sunday morning.

Concerns are rising for some localized flooding, pooling and ponding, as large snow packs begin to be chipped away at. Rounds of snow have officially put Halifax on record for its snowiest February ever. The region has already received well over a metre of snow, nearly three times the normal for the month as whole.

Baron - ATL Saturday temps

Temperatures on Saturday will reach above freezing for the first time in a week or more across most of the Maritimes, including Halifax, Saint John and Charlottetown. This, along with falling rain, increases the risk for snow melt throughout the event.

By Saturday evening, however, expect a quick shot of snow as the moisture pushes eastward and colder air swiftly floods in behind. A quick drop in temperatures is expected Saturday night.

This means that any standing water, or wet surfaces will likely freeze and become extremely slick. There's also the threat for sleet and freezing rain in some areas later Saturday.

Baron - ATL Saturday precip evening

Conditions will once again turn much milder, though unsettled, for mid and late next week. Gusty winds and soaking rains are likely with another storm system moving in.

Halifax officially records its snowiest February on record

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