Significant rainfall interrupts Saint-Jean-Baptiste weekend in Quebec

Quebec is likely to see some active weather for the National Holiday

A wasted weekend

Quebec will have bad luck for the National Holiday long weekend. Considering that almost all of the festivities take place on Sunday, June 23, the news is not good. In fact, it's probably going to be the worst day of the three.

Initially, a system risks spilling over into the south of the province on Saturday. Rain is anticipated, especially in Montérégie, Montreal, Estrie, Beauce and Outaouais.

Quebec atmospheric moisture June 21 2024

A wet Sunday

The passage of a second system risks compromising the festivities planned for June 23. The models anticipate significant amounts of rain in several regions of Quebec, notably for Montreal, the Laurentians, Outaouais, Montérégie and Estrie.

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Other sectors, such as Quebec, Beauce and Abitibi will also be getting rain, but to a lesser extent.

In addition, this disturbance could also cause thunderstorms. These storm cells would be fueled by a significant amount of energy in the atmosphere.

Quebec precipitation forecast June 21 2024

Staying in place

Quebec will have some difficulty getting rid of this system. On Monday, residual showers could persist in certain areas. The eastern regions of the province, including Quebec, Beauce and Estrie will experience a rainy Monday, but regions to the south will see the rain clearing throughout the day.

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However, all is not lost, as a lull could provide a little respite and allow some outdoor festivities to take place.

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Lots of moisture

Given the high moisture content in the atmosphere and the potential of this well-organized system, heavy rain is anticipated on Sunday. According to models, accumulations of over 50 mm are possible in the far south of Quebec by Monday.

Ontario and Quebec weekend rain accumulation June 21 2024

Editor's note: This article was originally written in French and later translated to English by The Weather Network.

Written with files from Nicolas Lessard, a meteorologist at MétéoMédia; Rachel Modestino, a meteorologist at The Weather Network; and Anika Beaudry, a digital writer at The Weather Network.

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