Severe thunderstorm threat spans the Maritimes, risk of strong winds, large hail

Stay alert: The threat for severe thunderstorms pushes across the Maritimes Thursday, with the risk for heavy rain, strong winds and large hail all on the table

The same low that brought severe, and tornado-warned storms through parts of Ontario and Quebec on Wednesday will continue to track east into the Maritimes, where the threat for severe thunderstorms spans the region for Thursday.

The main risks with storms that develop throughout the day will be heavy rain, strong winds, and large hail. It's important to stay up-to-date on the weather warnings in your area as conditions can turn quickly when severe weather hits.

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Lingering storm threat through much of Thursday

The thunderstorm risk pushed into the region through the early morning hours on Thursday, with intense lightning reported ahead of the morning commute.

Hot and humid conditions will continue to fuel the storm threat throughout the day, especially as the cold front slices through, setting off storms in its wake.

Baron - ATL humidex - May 23

The next round of thunderstorms will develop in Quebec and Maine on Thursday afternoon, tracking into western New Brunswick, and moving southeast through the evening hours.

Some of the initial morning storms will track into P.E.I. and eastern Nova Scotia later in the day.

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Baron - Thursday evening precip ATL

Heavy downpours, and strong wind gusts up to 90 km/h will accompany the storm threat. There's also the chance for quarter-sized hail with storms that do develop.

While the conditions for severe storms are present, there remains some uncertainty regarding how widespread these storms will be.

Baron - Thursday storm risk ATL - May23

A secondary trough brings an isolated thunderstorm risk to parts of northern New Brunswick and Nova Scotia on Friday, as well.

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