Maritimes face severe storm risk Saturday as floods hit Nova Scotia

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Storms infused with tropical moisture triggered major flooding in Nova Scotia on Friday, with more downpours and intense storms possible across the Maritimes on Saturday

A risk for severe thunderstorms will cover the Maritimes once again Saturday after an eventful Friday led to major flooding around Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Torrential rains fell across parts of Nova Scotia on Friday as thunderstorms infused with a deep reserve of tropical moisture produced extreme rainfall totals around the Halifax area in short order.

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Numerous roads throughout the region are impassable due to high water, with multiple residents on Twitter reporting floodwaters covering their properties and even seeping into their homes.

"All residents asked to stay off roads and highways unless it's an emergency," provincial officials said in an emergency alert sent out on Friday night.


Additional flooding is likely in Nova Scotia heading into the weekend as a risk for severe storms covers much of the Maritimes for our day on Saturday.


Areas: Southern Quebec and Atlantic Canada

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Weather: Heavy rains that drenched parts of Nova Scotia on Friday will continue moving across the Maritimes through the overnight hours into Saturday morning.

Converging winds over parts of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island will likely give rise to strong thunderstorms through the day on Saturday.


A deep plume of tropical moisture streaming in from the south will feed these storms much the same as we saw on Friday, allowing the storms to efficiently wring out copious amounts of moisture in the form of torrential downpours. It’s possible that some communities could see triple-digit rainfall totals again Saturday.

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In addition to the threat for torrential rains, any severe storms that develop across southern Quebec or the Maritimes on Saturday could produce large hail and strong wind gusts.

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If you’re in the region, it’s safest to stay home until the rain stops and floodwaters have a chance to recede. Never attempt to drive across a flooded roadway. It’s impossible to tell how deep the water is until it’s too late, and the road may be washed out beneath the floodwaters. Only a small amount of moving water can strand a vehicle and even carry it downstream.

Check back for the latest updates across the region this weekend.

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