Seattle weather forecast: Mild breezes with intermittent sun

Seattle's forecast for May 15 calls for a balance of mild conditions, light winds, and occasional sunshine.

Wednesday morning

Locals can expect a cool 54°F with a gentle breeze from the north at 4 mph. The skies will be dotted with clouds, covering about 60% of the sky, while the precipitation odds linger at 20%. The relatively higher humidity could give the air a slight dampness, with rainfall possibilities remaining light until midday.

Wednesday afternoon

Temperatures will climb to a pleasant 72°F. The northwest wind grows modestly to 7 mph and may occasionally gust up to 16 mph, adding a bit of freshness to the day. Cloudiness slightly lessens to 50%; however, the chances of rain maintain a consistent 20% probability.

Wednesday evening

The evening will see mainly sunny conditions with the temperature at a comfortable 66°F. The northerly winds persist, increasing to 11 mph, with gusts that can reach up to 17 mph. A less dense cloud layer at 40% will allow for a clearer sky as the sun sets, and rain chances continue to be minimal.

Here's what else you need to know

There are no significant weather advisories to report. The forecast is estimating 6 hours of cumulative sunshine.

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