Sacramento weather forecast: Hot sun and steady winds

With no cloud cover or precipitation on the horizon, the city is all set for warm, clear skies.

Wednesday morning

The day kicks off with 59°F in the morning, accompanied by a light southerly wind moving at a peaceful 4 mph. The gentle breeze will provide a comfortable start to the day, with the sun rising high and unhindered by clouds.

Wednesday afternoon

As midday approaches, temperatures will rise dramatically, reaching 90°F. There will be a southwest wind, intensifying to 12 mph.

Wednesday evening

The heat will gradually subside by evening, leaving behind a mild 73°F. Wind will continue at 12 mph.

Today brings a total of of 9 hours of expected sunshine and zero chance for rain or cloud obstruction..

This article was generated with the use of OpenAI and The Weather Network's forecast data. The article was reviewed by our editorial team for accuracy and clarity.

Header image: Getty.