Gusty winds funnel record warmth into Alberta to start the week

Record daytime highs are likely in Alberta as temperatures soar into the lower 20s for some on Tuesday—but this taste of spring is on borrowed time

A short-lived burst of warmth will spread over Alberta this week to greet the opening days of April. This spring-like weather won’t stick around, though, as a cold front will sweep away the warmth just as quickly as it arrived.

Daily high temperature records are in peril for some communities as Tuesday’s gusty winds help readings soar into the upper teens and even the lower 20s.

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Enjoy it while it lasts. A late-week cooldown and a risk for snow will serve as a harsh reminder that winter still rules the roost this time of year.

Alberta dep highs Tuesday

A ridge of high pressure building into Western Canada will send winds soaring up and over the Rockies, spilling down into Alberta with record-breaking warmth in spots.

Saturday’s daytime high of -2°C in Calgary will seem like a distant memory by Tuesday as temperatures climb into the mid-teens.

Daily record highs are likely on Tuesday as readings peak around the 20-degree mark for some communities.

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The warmest temperature we’ve seen so far this year in Edmonton was 16.2°C, a benchmark we should easily surpass this week. Edmonton will likely reach the 20-degree mark on Tuesday, hitting that benchmark nearly three weeks earlier than normal.

Given that this warmth is partially due to downsloping, gusty winds of 60+ km/h are possible at times across the southern half of Alberta.

Alberta wind gusts Tuesday afternoon

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Due to the ongoing drought conditions, forecasters and officials will monitor the fire danger rating with temperatures in the 20s alongside dry, downsloping winds.

Beware the risk of a sneaky springtime sunburn if you plan to head outdoors and enjoy the short-lived warmth this week. The UV index is steadily climbing this time of year, and the sun angle in early April is equivalent to the sun angle in early September.

The warmth isn’t long for the world.

Alberta snow outlook

A cold front crashing into Alberta toward the latter half of the week will send temperatures sinking back toward seasonal, with highs once again in the lower single digits across Calgary and Edmonton.

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Unsettled weather and a renewed risk for snow will accompany the cooler conditions by late this week and into next weekend. Plan ahead for travel disruptions—especially along the QE2 from Red Deer and Calgary south.

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