Whiteouts possible in southern Ontario amid lake-effect squalls

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Localized whiteouts are possible as bands of lake-effect snow spread over parts of southern Ontario this weekend.

Ontario will enter the last week of March with a wintry flair as bands of lake-effect snow threaten a messy weekend for southern parts of the province. Localized whiteouts are possible. Prepare for travel delays this weekend if you plan to drive through the affected areas. Next week will begin with a visit from the polar vortex. More on the snow chances and how cold it’ll get, below.

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Northwesterly winds will allow bands of lake-effect snow to develop across parts of southern Ontario during the day on Saturday. The snow could be heavy at times, and gusty winds could lead to whiteouts in some areas.


The greatest impacts are expected along and near the Huron shores, where we’ll likely deal with treacherous driving conditions at times on Saturday. Travel impacts could extend into the Greater Toronto Area at times.

Consider delaying travel plans across the affected areas. Conditions can change rapidly over short distances.

Folks across southern Ontario will have to deal with these snow squalls into the day on Sunday before temperatures plunge to near-record levels on Sunday night.



A small lobe of the Polar Vortex will dip into the Great Lakes region by Monday.

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This surge of chilly Arctic air will push temperatures at least 10°C below normal for the end of March and will likely set new record low temperatures.

Sunday Wind Chills

The lobe of frigid air aloft will modify slightly on its trip south this weekend, but it is what's to blame for temperatures being significantly cooler for Monday.

Monday morning’s low temperatures across northern Ontario will dip into the -20s, while parts of southern Ontario will be into the minus double digits and teens.

With some lingering gusty northwest winds, wind chills will make temperatures feel even colder, approaching -20 by early Monday morning. These temperatures will likely be a bit of a shock to the system, as it has been a couple weeks since temperatures have been this cold.

Monday Temps

While this sudden temperature dive will prove to be short-lived, chilly temperatures will persist into the beginning of April. Occasional rounds of chilly weather will spread across the region through the end of next week.

Be sure to check back for the latest updates on the changing conditions across Ontario.

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