PHOTOS: Heat-fuelled storms batter southern Ontario with hail, heavy rain

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Monday's severe storms brought torrential rainfall, quarter-sized hail, intense wind gusts and even reports of power outages in parts of southern Ontario.

The heat returned to southern Ontario Monday, bringing along some rather potent thunderstorms with it in parts of the region.

Severe thunderstorms swept in through the afternoon and evening hours from the Lake Huron and Georgian Bay shores, passing southeast across the Highway 400 corridor and the eastern GTA including the city of Toronto.

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Warnings were issued as the storms trekked across the province at a fast pace, bringing strong wind gusts, torrential rainfall and quarter-sized hail, as well as reports of power outages in some locales.

The storms are expected to fizzle out by the overnight hours, but the risk will return Tuesday in advance of a cold front, but will remain mostly confined to the southwestern section of the province, from Windsor to Hamilton and Niagara region. The potential will extend into southern Quebec, as well.

Below is a selection of visuals that popped up on social media during the severe thunderstorms in southern Ontario Monday.

Thumbnail courtesy of Stefan.