Oshawa's weekend weather forecast: Showers and strong winds ahead

Oshawa is set for a weekend marked by mixed weather conditions, including periodic showers and strong winds. Residents should prepare for changing skies and a brisk breeze.

Friday, April 12

Cloudy conditions will persist, with scattered showers beginning this evening. Southwest winds will be strong, blowing at 34km/h and gusting up to 59km/h. Temperatures will sit at around 7°C with a 70 per cent chance of rain, amounting to about 10mm. Relative humidity will be 76 per cent.

Saturday, April 13

The day will start with lingering morning showers but will clear up to partly sunny skies by the afternoon. Winds will shift to the northwest, intensifying to speeds of 50km/h and gusts reaching up to 75km/h. The temperature will slightly rise to 9°C, with a 70 per cent probability of light rain, expected to be around 1mm. Humidity will decrease to 57 per cent, and residents can anticipate approximately 4 hours of sunshine.

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The evening will feature mainly clear skies initially, but expect clouds to increase after dark. Winds will become westerly at 22km/h, with gusts up to 48km/h. Temperatures are predicted to drop to 4°C, with a 30 per cent chance of rain and humidity peaking at 87 per cent.

Sunday, April 14

The week will close with a rainy Sunday, temperatures reaching 11°C. Light southern winds at about 15km/h will accompany an elevated 90 per cent chance of rain, with expected precipitation between 5-10mm. The day will offer limited sunshine, estimated at 2 hours, with a relative humidity of 81 per cent.

Here's what else you should know

Two advisories are currently in place. A rainfall warning is issued due to significant ongoing rainfall, with additional amounts of 10 to 15 mm expected, raising concerns about flash floods and localized flooding. A special weather statement also highlights strong northwesterly wind gusts tonight, ranging from 70 to 80 km/h, which may cause loose objects to be tossed and tree branches to break, possibly leading to utility outages.

This article was generated with the use of OpenAI and The Weather Network's forecast data. The article was reviewed by our editorial team for accuracy and clarity.

Header image: File photo/Getty Images.