Oshawa's weather forecast for April 23: Breezy with a chance of rain

Oshawa residents can expect a day characterized by a mix of sun and clouds this April 23, with a 30 per cent chance of afternoon precipitation. Temperatures are forecasted to peak at 12°C, accompanied by strong southwest winds gusting up to 60 km/h. Cloud cover will remain substantial throughout the day at around 70 per cent.

As the day transitions into evening, skies will become cloudier with showers likely. The chance of rain will increase to 70 per cent, although less than 1 mm of rainfall is expected initially. Temperatures will slightly decrease to 10°C, with winds continuing from the southwest at 25 km/h and gusts up to 48 km/h. Cloud coverage will thicken to 90 per cent, and relative humidity will be at 66 per cent.

Nighttime will see continued rainfall, with precipitation chances holding steady at 70 per cent and an expected rainfall of around 5 mm. The temperature will drop further to 7°C, and the southwest winds will persist at 26 km/h, gusting up to 55 km/h. Cloud cover will reach 100 per cent, and relative humidity will rise to 76 per cent.

Despite the increasingly wet conditions, no weather impacts or advisories are in place. Residents are advised to prepare for a progressively rainy day and secure any outdoor plans accordingly as the likelihood of precipitation increases into the night.

This article was generated with the use of OpenAI and The Weather Network's forecast data. The article was reviewed by our editorial team for accuracy and clarity.

Header image: Pexels/photokip.com.