October 21, 1997 - Coldest World Series

The Florida Marlins were just in their fourth year as a team when they made it to the World Series. They certainly had a cold journey to victory.

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In 1997, the Florida Marlins made it to the World Series for the first time. On October 21, the relatively new team entered Game 3 against seasoned Cleveland.

Cleveland had had experience playing in all sorts of conditions, but playing in the freezing cold and snow was another first for the Marlins.

During batting practice, the temperature dropped to 3 degrees. The temperature only got worse during the game, plunging to a frigid -9.5 degrees.

Even though the Marlins were playing against veterans and unfavourable conditions, the team proved victorious with a 14-13 win.

Unfortunately, the conditions of Game 4 weren't any better. To learn more about the outcome of these record-breaking games, listen to today's episode of "This Day In Weather History".

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