Niagara Falls weather forecast for April 22: Sunny skies and mild winds

Niagara Falls residents can look forward to a pleasant day on April 22, starting with a sunny morning and temperatures at around 9°C. Light west winds will blow at 11 km/h, setting the stage for a calm and clear start to the day.

Monday afternoon

Sunshine will continue into the afternoon, with temperatures climbing to 12°C. The winds will shift to the southwest, increasing slightly in strength to 16 km/h, maintaining comfortable weather for outdoor activities.

Monday evening

The evening will remain clear, though temperatures will begin to drop to 8°C. South winds will pick up a bit more, reaching 17 km/h. Despite these cooler breezes, the chance of precipitation remains low at 10 per cent, with cloud cover at a minimal 10 per cent.

Overnight, the skies will turn partly cloudy as temperatures dip further to 6°C. The south wind will strengthen to 25 km/h, and cloud cover will increase to 50 per cent, accompanied by a 20 per cent chance of precipitation.

Here's what else you should know

There are no special weather statements or advisories in place. Residents can expect up to five hours of sunshine.

This article was generated with the use of OpenAI and The Weather Network's forecast data. The article was reviewed by our editorial team for accuracy and clarity.

Header image: File photo/Public domain.