New York City could soon see an end to its 700+ day snow drought

The Big Apple could finally see its years-long snow drought broken over the weekend

It was the least snowiest year on record in 2023 for New York City, but that's all about to change. After a record-setting 700+ days without more than an inch (2 cm) of snow in The Big Apple, the city could soon see a significant amount of snowfall over the weekend.

The previous record for longest duration New Yorkers went without at least an inch of snow on the ground was 383 days, set in 1998.

New York City snow drought record graphic Jan 2, 2024

This weekend, a strong low will form in the Southern United States, bringing a chance for a significant snow event for the city.

There does remain uncertainty regarding the exact snowfall totals you can expect for the metropolis at this time, however. The storm's track will make all the difference between light flurries or a weekend snow storm for the city.

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New York City pressure tracker 2 possibilities Jan 2 2024

To snow, or not to snow

Two scenarios exist for how the weekend’s weather will play out in New York as two crucial snow ingredients collide over the state: cold air from Canada and moisture from the Gulf of Mexico.

New York City snowfall outlook model 1 vers. 2 Jan 2, 2024

A push east into the Atlantic Ocean would bring in the colder temperatures from Canada and up to 10 inches (25 cm) of snowfall. However, a slight shift west moves in warmer, moist air from the Gulf and rain, limiting any snow accumulations.

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New York City snowfall outlook model 2 vers. 2 Jan 2, 2024

Both outcomes are on the table at this moment in time. Regardless of how things play out for New York City, this will be an event worth keeping an eye on as widespread winter impacts are expected across the Northeastern United States and parts of Canada Saturday into Sunday.

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