Will this be the last of the spring snow in Ontario? Probably not

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After snow in parts of the province this week, hints of a warmup in southern Ontario return quickly...but is there snow lurking once again?

After enjoying a beautiful stretch of consecutive days with 20°C temperatures, and even reaching Canada's first 30-degree day of 2023 last week, Monday's steadily falling temperatures, return to rain and even dashes of snow likely felt like a rough dose of spring reality across much of southern Ontario.

Yes, you can still see accumulating snowfall in the middle of April.

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So now the big question remains: Will we continue to see cooler temperatures accompanied by spring snow, or will the teases with summer-like weather and 20°C days return? The answer is...both!


As we head towards the end of the week, however, a weak ridge in the jet stream will allow temperatures to climb back to seasonal and above, with areas in southwestern Ontario likely reaching 20°C as early as Thursday, and more places towards eastern Ontario reaching 20°C by Friday. For parts of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), an east wind off of Lake Ontario will jeopardize Thursday's warmup and keep temperatures much cooler.

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Warmer weather will briefly spread across the region on Friday, ahead of a cold front and a Colorado low tracking north. The warmup will also come with a catch this time, however, as rainy conditions will accompany these milder temperatures, especially on Friday and into the weekend.

Baron - ON moisture - April18

Moisture from the Gulf of Mexico will get drawn up into a couple of lows that are forecast to track through and bring rounds of rain.

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Saturday will be a mostly soggy day, with a widespread soaking rain and between 10-20+ mm forecast through the weekend. Several areas are currently under flood watches and warnings, and this additional rainfall could heighten flood concerns.

Baron - ON rain - April18

As the low-pressure system pushes off towards the east, cold air will once again get drawn south into early next week, possibly bringing more snow flurries, blustery conditions and chilly temperatures to southern Ontario.

Near seasonal or cooler than seasonal temperatures are expected to dominate through the end of April and into the beginning of May.

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