Over 10 million impacted by fatal and historic U.S. flooding

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At least one fatality as a result of the historic flooding has been reported

Severe weather has lingered in the U.S. for days after a Colorado low system tracked out of the region. Blizzards and tornadoes have caused significant damage across the Plains and Midwest, and over 10 million people are currently facing major to historic flooding due to heavy rains and snowmelt.

Flooding in the Upper Midwest on March 14 has caused one fatality and is threatening both a dam and a nuclear power plant in Nebraska. The flooding in the state is reportedly the worst that has occurred in 50 years, and the plant could be shut down this weekend as a precautionary measure in case water levels continues to rise.

Ice jams and flooding have also caused significant damage in Iowa, and have even forced some home owners to evacuate. Bordering state Wisconsin has also seen historic flooding, which is the worst that has occurred in over 70 years, and two thirds of the state was plaecd under a flood warning or watch on Thursday.

At least 19 locations in the U.S. have set new flood crest records, including South Dakota, Iowa, Michigan, and Minnesota, and more than 300 river gauges were in flood stages in central U.S. regions. In the wake of the Colorado low, forecasts are indicating a return to seasonal temperatures as we near the official start of spring.