SEE IT: Grapefruit sized hail in Alberta shatters windows, damages cars

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The hail was dropped by severe storms that rolled through parts of the Edmonton area Friday evening.

Thunderstorms crossed the severe threshold as they tracked across central Alberta on Friday night.

The severe weather reached the Edmonton area by the dinner hour and people across the area tweeted out photos and videos of the large hail along with some structural damage.

A weather summary from Environment Canada states that grapefruit sized hail fell in Spruce Grove and ranged between 80 to 120 mm in diameter. The large hail that fell in Edmonton was between the sizes of golf balls and baseballs, which are between 45 to 70 mm in diameter.

In addition to the damage that several houses experienced, there are photos that show windows on cars were broken.

Below is a look a the large hail and some of the damage that was caused during this storm.

big matea

Stony Plain, Alberta, submitted by Matea.

big window

Damaged windows after impacts from hail in Spruce Grove, Alberta. Submitted by Esta Baker.

big hail dents car ugc

Dents in a vehicle caused by large hail in Spruce Grove, Alberta. Submitted by Keri Cyr.