Ice flies off transport truck on 401, shatters GO bus window

The OPP is reminding drivers to get rid of all ice and snow on their vehicles

The OPP say it's fortunate no one was hurt when a thick chunk of ice flew off a transport truck and slammed into a double-decker GO bus Tuesday morning and smashing its windshield.

"These sheets of ice can cause devastating injuries," said OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt.

The ice made it nearly impossible to see through the front windshield, but the driver was able to safely steer the bus off to the side.

CBC image broken GO bus window

The GO bus was carrying passengers and travelling at highway speeds near Meadowvale Road when the driver’s side of the windshield was struck and shattered. (Metrolinx)

Metrolinx says the fact the driver was able to maintain control of the vehicle on a busy highway is a sign of his skills.

Schmidt said the recent thaw followed by a deep freeze has turned snow on vehicles into sheets of ice.

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He's reminding drivers to clear all ice and snow before getting behind the wheel.

"It is dangerous and can be deadly. Just think about who you would want to be sharing the road with," he said.

CBC image GO bus hit by flying ice

'We are incredibly grateful that no one was seriously injured,' said Eve Wiggins, Metrolinx's vice president of bus operations. She says all GO bus drivers are given specialized safety training, including a course on defensive driving techniques. (Metrolinx)

The OPP and Metrolinx Transit Safety Officers are investigating the incident.

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