Humidex and severe weather make a return to Ontario Thursday

The humidity is returning to Ontario, and with it, a risk for more thunderstorms.

After a weekend dominated by rain and thunder across southern Ontario, as well as cooler temperatures to the north, folks may be wondering what happened to the warm sunshine.

Luckily, we can say the the warmth will, in fact, be coming back to Ontario this week. Temperatures are set to steadily climb this week across Ontario, although it will leave you wanting to stay indoors with a fan or air conditioning.

Muggy air will return to the province with the warm temperatures, and while folks may get a chance to soak up some sun, it won't last all week.

With building heat and high humidity comes instability in the atmosphere. A cold-front moving through the province will trigger a risk for thunderstorms, with the chance for some to become severe.

Folks can expect rainy, humid, and windy conditions ahead of the cold-front's arrival on Thursday.

southern Ontario Thursday PM precipitation forecast June 10 2024

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Thursday: Chance for severe weather to bubble up across the province

A strong cold-front pushing eastward through the lower Great Lakes region this week will clash with the warm, humid air, triggering widespread rain and embedded thunderstorms in its path.

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While northern Ontario could see some showers and thunderstorms on Wednesday and Thursday as this system tracks by, the real risk comes to southern and eastern Ontario later Thursday.

Ontario Thursday highs plus humidex June 10 2024

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Temperatures in the mid- to high-20s will feel like the mid-30s with the humidity on Thursday across southern and eastern Ontario. Folks in Toronto will be seeing an already scorching 27°C, but the humidex will make it feel like a stifling 33. This will create enough energy in the atmosphere for strong storms to develop upon the cold-front's arrival later in the day.

southern Ontario Thursday evening thunderstorm energy June 10 2024

The dreary, stormy weather will stick around through the overnight Thursday, giving Friday a less-than-ideal start.

Once the front has passed through on Friday, temperatures will cool down heading into the weekend.

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