Huge waves, screeching winds, substantial rain: A look at Fiona, by the numbers

From howling winds to gigantic waves, here's a closer look at Fiona.

Atlantic Canada continues to clean up after Fiona crashed into the region, packing strong winds and heavy rain.

Here's a look at the historic storm, in numbers.

  • 500,000(+): At the height of the storm, more than half a million homes and businesses in Atlantic Canada lost power.

  • 200: At least 200 people in Cape Breton were forced to leave their homes after their residences sustained significant storm damage.

  • 100: On Sunday, P.E.I. premier Dennis King announced 100 military personnel would be deployed to the province to help with clean-up efforts.

The weather: By the numbers


BARON - Fiona wind

A peak wind gust of 179 km/h was recorded in Arisaig, Nova Scotia - more than strong enough to uproot trees and damage homes.

Several cities recorded their second-strongest wind gust on record, with 2003's Hurricane Juan still maintaining the strongest wind gusts in several areas.

Îles-de-la-Madeleine tied with their record during Fiona, with a wind gust of 132 kilometres per hour.

VIDEO: Intense winds send waves crashing over the road


Baron - fiona wind

Osborne Head, Nova Scotia recorded 192 mm of rain - the most in the region.

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VIDEO: Fiona aftermath in Rustico, P.E.I.


Sea level low pressure

BARON - Fiona low pressure

Fiona tracked over Hart Island with a preliminary mean sea level low pressure of 932.7 mb - making it the lowest recorded pressure in Canada. It replaces the prior record of 940.2 mb, recorded on January 21, 1977, at St. Anthony, NL.


Baron - Fiona storm surge

Port aux Basques experienced record-breaking floods, and it was due to several factors:

  • The Port aux Basques station recorded its highest water level on record at__ 2.75 metres__, replacing the 2017 record of 2.17 metres.

  • Storm surge topped 1.08 metres.

  • Wave heights were extremely high, unlike during the 2017 peak, where wave heights were low.

Baron - Fiona extremes

"All three of these factors combined lead to historic damage and loss of life from flooding in Port aux Basques," explains Weather Network meteorologist Matt Grinter.

VIDEO: Fallen trees, damaged homes in Fiona's wake