First look at impactful winter storm for southern Ontario and Quebec

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Southern Ontario and Quebec residents should plan ahead now as a robust, far-encompassing storm affecting a good chunk of North America is en route for the second half of the work week with considerable snow, ice and rain impacts

Central Canada is about to get a significant taste of the forthcoming winter season late this week, with a potent, sluggish storm set to track through Ontario and Quebec with a myriad of effects -- everything from heavy snow to freezing rain and ice. While specifics are still to be determined, people can expect disruptions to travel and possibly power, as well.

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A slow-moving Colorado low will approach Ontario and Quebec late week with an abundance of moisture. A heavy swath of snow, freezing rain, ice pellets and rain are all forecast with the system that is set to be an impactful event to the provinces.

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Due to a highly amplified jet stream and blocking pattern present in the atmosphere, the Colorado low was in its development stages as of Monday. As a result of the slow-moving motion of atmospheric systems, it is not forecast to arrive until Thursday in Ontario and then the pre-dawn hours Friday morning in Quebec.

Specific details of the system are still yet to be revealed as uncertainty in precipitation totals and location are still quite high.

Where we do have confidence is in the arrival of this major winter storm and the high impacts on commutes it will bring, along with the possibility of power outages if winds remain gusty within the system.

Make sure you check back in frequently for more forecast details as the week progresses.

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Check back for the latest on the forecast across southern Ontario and Quebec.