Temperature drop brings back lake-effect snow to parts of Ontario

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Drastic temperature flip across Ontario this week means much cooler air and the threat of snow, even across the south.

After a prolonged stretch of exceptional and even record-breaking warm spring temperatures, the April weather roller-coaster returns to Ontario, with a drastic cooldown and the chance for snow this week.

Daytime highs will be more than 20°C cooler than last week for some, with low single-digit daytime highs forecast for the start of the week.

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"A spring mix, and no we aren't talking about salad, of rain, graupel, and snow will return Tuesday across southern Ontario, as a potent upper-level low spins overhead," says Kelly Sonnenburg, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

Temperatures steadily fall behind the system’s cold front, with chilly conditions continuing Tuesday.

Rain showers will transition to scattered flurries for parts of southern Ontario Tuesday. Even parts of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) could see flakes flying at times, although accumulations are not likely.


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"Closer to the snowbelts and Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, snow totals of 5 cm are possible through Tuesday where lake-effect snow is forecast with very chilly northwest winds," Sonnenburg says.

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Temperatures on Tuesday will be the coolest of the week, trending 5-10°C below seasonal.

Temperatures will then slowly rebound through the week, closer to seasonal and even slightly above by late week, as incoming system advances in with rain showers expected.

Baron - ON Friday temps - April17

Changeable conditions are likely through the remainder of April and into early May, with no temperature extremes in either direction expected for the duration.

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Stay tuned to The Weather Network for the latest on conditions across Ontario.