Ontario and Quebec brace for ice, snow and rain as Colorado low looms

Southern Ontario and Quebec residents should plan ahead now as a robust, far-encompassing storm affecting a good chunk of North America is en route for the second half of the work week with considerable snow, ice and rain impacts.

A Colorado low is about to deliver a significant dose of winter weather through parts of Central Canada. The messy storm system will have a myriad of effects -- everything from heavy snow to freezing rain and ice. The active weather will start Wednesday overnight in Ontario with rain, before transitioning to freezing rain and then snow Thursday. Eastern Ontario and southern Quebec could see the heaviest snow Thursday and Friday. Expect disruptions to travel and possibly power, as well.

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A slow-moving Colorado low is forecast to bring rain, a heavy swath of snow, freezing rain and ice pellets to Central Canada by Wednesday.

The system will start overnight Wednesday hitting parts of southern Ontario with rain. By the pre-dawn hour on Thursday, parts of the Greater Toronto Area including London, along with Bruce County will have a chance to see some freezing rain and ice pellets.


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By Thursday afternoon, the freezing rain and ice pellets transition into snow as the system starts to move into eastern Ontario. “Thursday evening the snow and mixing continues for the GTA and parts of southwestern Ontario as eastern Ontario is fully engulfed in snow,” says Matthew Grinter, meteorologist at The Weather Network.

“Thursday overnight snow becomes heavier for eastern Ontario and it starts in southern Quebec, as the secondary low stateside starts to develop in the U.S. northeast,” says Grinter.

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Friday will be the best chance for heavy snow in southern Quebec, but temperatures are so close to the freezing mark that there is the potential for some mixing to move into parts of the St. Lawrence region.

Precipitation is expected to end Friday, just in time for any weekend plans in the GTA and eastern Ontario. Southern Quebec will see relief during the day Saturday.

Check back for the latest on the forecast across southern Ontario and Quebec.