Canadian RADAR gets a big upgrade

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B.C. just got some impressive new technology.

Environment Canada and Climate Change has beeing upgrading its RADARs since 2017, with the latest occuring in the B.C. Interior, where a brand new RADAR tower was constructed. It sits atop of SilverStar Mountain at an elevation of 1,880 metres, and it is one of the only RADARs in Canada that points down into the valley to capture precipitation at lower altitudes.

The construction began a year ago, going through its final testing - also referred to as a burning phase - the first week of December.

The data it collects is now available to the public.

Some improvements to the new RADAR include: doppler capabilities, which allow forecasters and the public to view storm rotation, and the ability to see precipitation types, like rain, hail, and snow.

Learn more in the video above.

Thumbnail image via Canva Pro.