Victoria Day weekend swim? Water temperatures may 'cool' off plans

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Thinking of going swimming on Victoria Day weekend, Canada? Get the latest, exclusive scoop on the long-weekend forecast that highlights where water temperatures will be warmest

The unofficial start to the summer is looming, and it appears a good portion of the country won't be treated to wonderful weather during the long weekend.

For those that will see sunshine and warmth, however, does that mean the water temperatures will be ideal for swimming?

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Firstly, what is a suitable water temperature for swimming? Well, it depends who you ask. One suggestion has been the 25°C (77°C) to 28°C (82°F) range, while another train of thought from a different person suggests a 15°C to 18°C range, if the air temperature is 28°C –– an "acceptable contrast."

Water temperature safety graphic

Well, with that in mind, see what the forecast currently has to say about the water temperatures for the forthcoming holiday weekend. If you are planning on going swimming or boating, ensure you wear a properly fitted life-jacket.

Some Canadian waters favourable for swimming while others are not there, yet

Although Victoria Day weekend is seen as the unofficial beginning to summer, with more people boating, heading to the beach and even swimming this month, water temperatures require much more time to warm up compared to the air.

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A lot of places in Canada are unsafe to swim this time of year, so check your local conditions.

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Dangers of cold waters/water temperatures graphic

But, if it is safe to swim, Lake Erie and in Vancouver are the warmest places to swim. If you’re looking at enjoying a cold plunge, then Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River will give you what you're looking for.

If you’re adventuring out on the water ways this weekend, be prepared by wearing a life-jacket, and bring any additional clothing you may need to stay warm and dry.

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Water temperatures in B.C._ May 14

Air temperature-wise, daytime highs in the West will be cool enough that you won't need the relief of the water. If you're in the East, temperatures will be in the low 20s, which may be a bit of a relief on their own to cool down.

Water temperature outlook:

Vancouver: 12°C Lake Louise: 4°C Interlake region: 5°C Lake Huron: 8-10°C Lake Erie: 14°C Lake Ontario: 11°C St. Lawrence River, near Montreal: 14°C Charlottetown: 7°C Halifax: 6°C St. John's: 3°C

Water temperatures in the Great Lakes_May 14

Ontario and Quebec, inland from the Great lakes and the St. Lawrence River, will prove to be warmer as the waters are still cold at this time of year.

Swimming will be possible in Lake Erie, however, but expect cold plunges in Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River.

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The weather this weekend may require folks to be flexible with their outdoor plans and include an indoor backup plan.

Water temperatures in Atlantic Canada_May 14

However, the water temperatures in some locales will certainly have people including swimming in their weekend plans, as long as the weather co-operates.

Stay with The Weather Network for the latest on your May long weekend forecast across Canada.

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With files from Matt Grinter, a meteorologist at The Weather Network, and Nathan Howes, a digital reporter at The Weather Network.