Canada’s long weekend forecast may switch up your outdoor plans

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The unofficial kickoff to summer will feel more like May across Canada as a changeable pattern sets up from coast to coast

The upcoming long weekend is the unofficial start of summer for many Canadians who are eager for warm days and plenty of time soaking in the sunshine.

A look at the long-range forecast shows more signs of murky springtime weather than an early tease of summer.

May long weekend outlook forecast tips

No need to cancel your outdoor plans yet, though. While it doesn’t look like anyone across the country will see gorgeous weather for the entire long weekend, it also doesn’t look like anyone is facing a total washout, either.

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The atmosphere over Canada looks like it wants to stay active and keep moving as we approach the May long weekend.

May long weekend outlook jet stream

A relatively smooth jet stream flowing from west to east will keep systems moving along on their merry way.

This pattern would also stave off temperature extremes by preventing consistent warmth from surging over the border, nor would it allow dramatic chills to seep south out of the Arctic.

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Great Lakes, East Coast battle bouts of rain

While the jet stream will remain fairly flat, we’re likely to see a trough dip over the Great Lakes and East Coast heading into the long weekend.

May long weekend East

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This pattern would bring systems into the region along with higher moisture, increasing the odds of wetter-than-normal conditions for sections of Ontario, Quebec, and the Atlantic provinces.

Folks from Toronto to Montreal and from Halifax to St. John's will all likely dodge showers throughout the weekend.

Despite the threat for rain, it's not going to be a total washout for these regions. Keep outdoor plans flexible to make the most of the breaks in between periods of rain.

Western Canada will see typical May weather

British Columbia and the Prairies aren’t looking quite as wet as their eastern neighbours.

This pattern will favour calmer conditions than what we’ll see back east, with generally seasonable temperatures and periods of sunshine throughout the western provinces.

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May long weekend West

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Even though temperatures will remain around where they should for the middle of May, changeable conditions are possible across Western Canada for the long weekend.

Don’t rule out the chance for showers if you’re heading outdoors, especially if you’re camping or hoping to catch some fireworks.

Stay with The Weather Network for the latest on your May long weekend forecast across the country.

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