Here's how to plan for an amazing Canada Day fireworks display

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The first official long weekend of the summer is upon us, and you'll want to keep these tips in mind when planning a successful outdoor fireworks display

We're just days away from the Canada Day long weekend, the official kick-off to summer vacation for many!

Fireworks are typically a staple of the long weekend festivities, but of course the weather needs to co-operate in order to have a safe and enjoyable show. Did you know, the atmospheric elements not only add a safety component, but can also impact the vibrancy of colours and smoke direction.

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Let's take a look at different weather elements, and how they may help or hinder your display.

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When it comes to setting off fireworks, wind is a make it, or break it condition. Too much wind could push fireworks off course. For safety reasons, that in itself could postpone or cancel a show entirely. Having no wind or very little winds on the other hand, might be even more of a problem.

According to Scott Sutherland, a meteorologist at The Weather Network, no wind could actually cause unwanted smoke from the fireworks to stick around longer than anticipated.

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"You want the smoke drifting away from the crowd because you don't want it becoming an air quality health concern for the people in attendance," says Sutherland. "Light wind or no wind could also cause the smoke to obstruct the view of the spectacular sky-high explosions."


Believe it or not, fireworks still work in the rain.

As long as the firework remains dry, it will still ignite. If there is rain in the forecast, however, organizers will likely cancel or postpone the show because of the comfort of the people in attendance.

Thunderstorms and lightning would be a different story.

"For the safety of the people, you wouldn't want to be setting off a firework show during a thunderstorm," says Sutherland, adding that although unlikely, there could be a risk of lightning striking where the fireworks are being stored. This could ultimately result in an unwanted and dangerous explosion.

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Humidity and drought

Although humidity isn't as much of a safety concern, it can dull the vibrancy of colours.

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"If you have a really humid air mass, it's going to mute those colours because the light from the fireworks become scattered by water vapor," Sutherland says.

Drought conditions can completely cancel firework shows.

"You don't want the sparks and such from these fireworks landing on the ground where they can easily ignite the grasses and other plants, and start a brush fire or forest fire in the area," warns Sutherland.

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Regardless of the weather, it's also important to check your local regulations, restrictions and fire bans before lighting a firework.

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