Calgary hotter than Florida city, breaks 139-year-old November record

Calgary reached 23.1°C on Monday, now the city's warmest November temperature in history.

From record cold to record warmth – Alberta has seen it all within the last two weeks.

On Monday, Calgary broke a November temperature record, but this time for warmth. It reached 23.1°C, topping the previous record that dated all the way back to 1881. The daytime high is now the city's warmest November temperature in history.


In fact, Calgary was a smidge warmer than Daytona, Fla., which hit 21°C on Monday afternoon. The normal temperature for Calgary at this time of the year is 5°C.

Calgary isn’t the only one setting records. Drumheller broke a provincial record Monday with a daytime high of 25.9°C -- surpassing the temperature in Freeport, Bahamas. Alberta's previous monthly record was 25.0°C, set in Gleichen on Nov. 3, 1949 and in Foremost on Nov. 7, 1999.


The record temperature is just a taste of things to come as very warm weather will spread across the southern Prairies by mid-week. Daytime highs will hit the mid-to-upper teens, with a few locales near the U.S border possibly hitting 20°C.

While downsloping winds can be attributed to Calgary’s record-warm temperature, the rest of the region will be above seasonal because of a ridge of high pressure in place.

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However, the warmth will be short-lived as Arctic air will return to the western Prairies Friday, then spreading south and east for the weekend.