B.C.’s endless extreme weather even breaks records on a sunny day

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B.C. just can’t stop smashing weather records, and this unprecedented stretch of summer-like heat in October is just another point on a long list.

It’s been an unforgettable few years for extreme weather in British Columbia—a trend that continues today even in the midst of clear, sunny skies.

A remarkable stretch of summer-like heat continues to crank over B.C. as we head through the middle of October, bringing eye-popping temperature anomalies to the South Coast and Vancouver Island.

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Temperature extremes in the fall don’t register the same in our minds as they do when it’s the middle of July. After all, it’s comfortable enough to wear short-sleeve shirts and open the windows.

But the extent and duration of above-seasonal readings we’ve seen—and will continue to see—across B.C. is nothing short of astounding.

Squamish 7day

Take a look at Saturday’s predicted high temperature in Squamish, where the heat could soar to 29°C during the afternoon. This would tie the 29°C high on October 6th as the warmest temperature ever recorded there during the month of October.

Squamish’s predicted high on Saturday is a whopping 17 degrees above seasonal for the date. To put that into perspective, if this was an equally potent stretch of cold temperatures instead of extreme warmth, a 17-degree temperature anomaly would make for a high of -5°C.

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Things aren’t much better across the Lower Mainland, where Abbotsford is looking at several noteworthy heat records for the month of October.

Abbotsford October Records

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The city is enduring their longest stretch of 20°C or warmer temperatures ever measured in October, and their high of 25°C on October 13th was the warmest temperature on record so late in the year.

Comox can’t escape the ridge, either. Daytime highs so far this month have soared into the 20s more often this month than in any other October on record.

Comox October 20°C Records

The community has seen nine days of 20°C temperatures or warmer, with several more in the forecast in the coming days. By the end of this stretch of heat, Comox will have beaten the old record of 20-degree October days threefold.

Warmer-than-seasonal conditions will persist heading into next week, but—finally—there is some normalcy in sight.

Forecasters expect a pattern change to arrive in B.C. by the end of the month, bringing cooler and wetter weather that’s more in line with what you’d expect to see in the heart of fall.

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Thumbnail courtesy of @Gnotenbomer/Twitter, taken in Abbotsford, B.C.