August long weekend outlook: memorable for some, dreary for others

While some areas deal with a dreary rain, this could be the best August long weekend in ten years for some parts of the country.

The August long weekend marks the midway point of summer for most of the country. What can you expect as we make the turn to the latter half of the summer?

If you're looking for heat, British Columbia and southern Alberta will be the place to be for temperatures in the mid 30s throughout the weekend. Much of Eastern Canada will have the chance of reaching 30°C on the holiday Monday.

national pattern

If staying dry is your top priority for the weekend, the B.C. Interior across to southern Saskatchewan is a safe bet. A big, friendly ridge over New England will also keep southern and central Ontario, Quebec, and most of the Maritimes dry for the duration.

The main features for the weekend will be a system departing Atlantic Canada on Saturday morning and rain descending across the northern portions of the Prairie provinces. High pressure will be the story for southern Ontario and Quebec, along with B.C.

Weighing the temperatures, humidity, and rainfall, the Lower Great Lakes deserve a shoutout as the region should see the best August long weekend in 10 years

Long weekend report card

With the temperature and rainfall forecast from Saturday morning through Monday afternoon, here are some expected grades for the weekend:

  • A+ for the B.C. Coast, southern/central Ontario, and southern Quebec;

  • A for the B.C. Interior;

  • B+ for the Maritimes and southern Saskatchewan;

  • B for Newfoundland and southern Alberta and Manitoba;

  • C for northern Saskatchewan;

  • C- for northwestern Ontario and northern Manitoba;

  • D+ northern Alberta;

  • D for the Yukon and Northwest Territories

Get all the details on this weekend’s forecast by watching the video above.