Canada faces a fickle April as winter wanes and summer teases

All eyes are on the April 8 solar eclipse, but a slew of changeable weather lies in wait for the rest of the month across Canada

April can be such a fickle month! While the middle of spring is notorious for delivering parting shots from winter, it’ll also tease us with brief tastes of summer-like warmth from time to time. Sometimes, we’ll see both within a few days!

Can we expect both sides of April this year?

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Yes, in many ways this will be a typical April with changeable temperatures. Spring will test our patience with bouts of colder air at times. However, we will also see periods of warmer temperatures which should balance out the spells of chilly conditions.

The result should be a month that tips warmer than normal across most of Canada.

April 2024 Temp Pattern

Our forecast map for April resembles the pattern that dominated the country during December, January, and February — a setup that brought Canada its warmest winter on record.

However, we don’t think this month will turn out historically warm, and most days will feel typical of spring.

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We also think that we will avoid persistent bouts of extreme warmth or extreme cold this month. The lack of swingy extremes will mean the temperature roller-coaster ride shouldn’t be nearly as wild as we’ve seen at times during the past few months.

April is also known for its wet weather – the necessary showers that allow us to enjoy May flowers.

Early April will feature an active pattern across most of Canada which will bring both rain and even some heavy snow. However, as we get deeper into the month, we are watching the potential for a drier pattern to develop across parts of B.C., Ontario, and Quebec.

Mid Late April 2024 Precip Outlook

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While drier weather will provide more opportunities to get outside and enjoy the warmth, there is definitely a downside to turning dry this time of year.

We will see enough rain during April to enjoy May flowers, but a dry pattern that develops during April and persists well into May would definitely raise concerns about the upcoming wildfire season and also for agriculture.

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