Another messy, wintry system takes aim at the East Coast after soaking weekend

It may be the day for practical joking, but this is 'snow' joke. After a weekend of soaking rains and flood risks, another wintry system is taking aim at Atlantic Canada

Winter is like an annoying guest in your house at this time of year. It makes a mess, overstays its welcome, and can’t seem to take a hint that we’re ready for some rest.

There’s no leaving winter behind for Atlantic Canada this week, unfortunately, as a coastal storm expected to develop by the end of the week threatens another widespread dose of wintry weather as we kick off April.

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A developing low-pressure system is expected to move into southwestern Nova Scotia Thursday morning, dumping heavy, wet snow over the region before lifting north into the rest of the Maritimes later Thursday afternoon and evening.

Atlantic Canada precipitation forecast Thursday PM April 1 2024

This system will start off strong on Thursday with heavy snowfall and increasingly blustery winds. Gusts could reach 90+ km/h throughout southwestern Nova Scotia before easing on Friday.

Folks living in areas of higher elevation can expect to see the most snow from this, as well as folks in northern New Brunswick.

Atlantic Canada wind gust forecast April 1 2024

As the winds ease on Friday, a shifting storm track has the potential to let in some milder air and push some rain to Nova Scotia's south coast.

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Snow falling overnight Thursday in the Maritimes will begin transitioning to rain on Friday, spreading throughout Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and southern New Brunswick.

Total snowfall accumulations are still very uncertain at this time, however, due to the shifting storm track and transition to rain on Friday. While the majority of models are remaining fairly conservative in their snow outlooks due to these factors, a 'boom' scenario -- where snow totals exceed expectations -- cannot be ruled out with this event.

Atlantic Canada snow forecast April 1 2024

Folks can anticipate wintry travel conditions with this system on Thursday. Gusty winds and heavy snow will reduce visibility when driving, as well as make for some slick roads.

Due to the heavy nature of wet snow, localized power outages are possible as the weight of the snow and high winds puts pressure on power lines.

Conditions will remain chilly and unsettled behind this system as we head into the first weekend of April, with much warmer temperatures likely by the second weekend of the month.

Forecasters will continue to monitor conditions ahead of the total solar eclipse that’ll traverse the region on Monday, April 8.

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