Smoky, stormy skies possible in southern Ontario Tuesday

A stormy start to the week was seen in parts of southern Ontario, and there will be more unsettled weather on Tuesday. Alongside the rain could be some hazy skies as wildfire smoke from Western Canada infiltrates the region

A back-and-forth week between fair and unsettled weather in southern Ontario started off with a bang, with severe thunderstorms firing up in parts of the region Monday.

The rainfall and risk of storms will continue into Tuesday, sluggishly drifting in a southerly direction as the day progresses. To compound the unsettled conditions will be wildfire smoke, some of which could reach the surface, so expect a drop in air quality readings.

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Looking ahead, southern Ontario will see typical May-like temperatures over the Victoria Day long weekend, with daytime highs only getting warmer the farther north you go. However, some areas near the 401 corridor may see changeable conditions.

Tuesday: Thunderstorms continue into the morning, wildfires to bring smoky skies

Thunderstorms will continue through Monday overnight and into Tuesday morning for parts of southern Ontario, slowing moving southwest during the day.

Southern Ontario Tuesday morning precipitation map_May 13

Heavy rain will be the main threat with these storms as training showers and thunderstorms are possible once again.

With multiple rounds of thunderstorms moving over the same region, rainfall totals could get out of hand. The good news is that conditions will dry out Tuesday evening.

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With the potential for multiple rounds of storms, residents are advised to remain vigilant and prepared for changing weather conditions.

Ontario risk map Tuesday_May 13

Adding to the atmospheric drama is the resurgence of wildfires across Western Canada. Smoke from these fires is spiralling into a trough that extends across Ontario and Quebec, reaching the region on Tuesday.

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While most of the smoke will remain aloft, some will filter down impacting air quality in southern Ontario on Tuesday.

Low-level smoke forecast for Ontario Tuesday morning_May 13

Wildfire smoke can be harmful to everyone’s health even at low concentrations. Everyone can take action to reduce their exposure to wildfire smoke.

Stay with The Weather Network for all the latest on your forecast across Ontario.

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