A spring warm-up with a warning across the Prairies

This week's spring warm-up may come at a bit of a cost across the Prairies

Signs of consistent warm weather have been few and far between this spring, with periods of snow and ice putting a wintry spin on the season as a whole. Several places are even still waiting for the first 20-degree temperatures of the year.

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Across the Prairies, the long awaited warm-up is here, with fair and mild conditions spanning the region this week. Widespread daytime highs into the upper teens and lower 20s are forecast for a good portion by Wednesday and Thursday, with residents surely able to shed the layers and enjoy some outdoor time.

It's all thanks to a building ridge of high pressure, and while the warming temperatures will surely be welcomed, they come with a bit of a warning, as well. There's a heightened risk for grass fires to ignite amid the pre-existing drought conditions.

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Wednesday through Thursday

Call it a ridge, with a warning.

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With high pressure in place, temperatures will soar about 5-10°C above normal through Wednesday, especially across Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Daytime highs will even near or surpass the 20-degree mark for some.

In addition to the warming temperatures, a southerly flow may produce breezy conditions in Saskatchewan on Wednesday, with 50+ km/h gusts expected. The winds will pick up in southern Manitoba on Thursday, as well.

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This weather environment, combined with the pre-existing drought conditions, and the recent dry air mass has put the Prairies at higher risk for grass fires.

As a result, residents should be mindful of the heightened threat and more vulnerable conditions for fires to ignite and spread.

A front from the north will swing through and offer some temperature relief by the weekend for the western Prairies. Incoming moisture on Friday will also bring rain, thunder and cool weekend temperatures across southern Manitoba.

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Be sure to check back for the latest weather updates across the Prairies.