A huge swath of Canada just saw its warmest October on record

Record-breaking warmth spread through Canada from coast to coast this October. Here’s a look at how warm things got across the country.

If it’s another month, it’s another slate of warm-weather records falling across Canada. The numbers are in, and folks from British Columbia to Newfoundland just lived through their warmest October on record.

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Every province across the country witnessed above-seasonal temperatures in October, with southern Ontario the only spot finishing out the month with temperatures around seasonal for this time of year.

While the simple feel of abnormal warmth in October is a far cry from record-setting heat in the heart of summer, the anomalies we saw across the country last month are still astonishing in their coverage and intensity.

Edmonton’s mean temperature for October 2022 came in at 9.6°C, a far cry from the city’s typical monthly mean temperature of just 5.1°C.

It was a similar story in Victoria. And Comox. And Kelowna. And Charlottetown. And Gander. Dozens of communities from the Pacific to the Atlantic finished out the month with previously unseen levels of warmth for the month of October.

Watch the video above to find out more about Canada’s latest month of extreme temperature records.