Google celebrates the 2024 total solar eclipse with new ‘Doodle’, animation

The highly anticipated solar eclipse is here, Canada, and Google has released a new 'Doodle' to commemorate the occasion

Canada’s most anticipated solar event of 2024 is finally happening, and all eyes will be (safely, we ask) on the skies! A solar eclipse will be visible over North America, with the coveted path of totality falling over parts of Eastern Canada.

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The last time a solar eclipse swept over North America was in August of 2017; however, any Canadians who wanted to view the spectacle had to travel south of the border to do so. The most recent solar eclipse over Canada was in 2008, with only some folks in Nunavut getting to see the event.

Now, sixteen years later, American and Canadian skies will once again see the Moon and Sun align, and to celebrate the occasion, Google has released a special new ‘Doodle’ and animation.

Each letter in the word ‘GOOGLE’ can be seen looking up at the sky while wearing protective eclipse glasses, except for ‘E’, who is sleeping.

Clicking on the Doodle will take users to an automatic search result for “Total Eclipse 2024” and feature an animation of the Moon passing in front of the Sun.

WATCH: April 8, 2024 solar eclipse Google Doodle animation

Folks who miss this eclipse will have to wait another twenty years before Canada sees another total eclipse, but it won’t be Eastern Canada plunged into the shadow. In fact, another total solar eclipse won’t travel over Eastern Canada again until 2079.

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