Why this popular Vancouver park plans on removing 160,000 trees

The trees are being cut down because their root systems have been compromised by both a drought and a moth infestation, causing them to become dry and susceptible to ignition or toppling onto paths and power lines, according to officials.

Vancouver's Stanley Park will undergo significant changes this summer as approximately 160,000 dead trees are set to be removed for safety concerns. The park has faced challenges due to prolonged droughts and an infestation of looper moths, which have compromised the trees' resistance to diseases.

Collaboration between the City of Vancouver and the First Nations is underway to determine the most effective approach for rejuvenating the cherished park. The plan includes the planting of disease-resistant native trees, but experts suggest that additional measures may be necessary for the park's long-term preservation.

For more information on the restoration initiative, watch the video above.