Take in the breathtaking blooms at Canada's largest tulip festival

The Lakeland Flowers Abbotsford Tulip Festival in British Columbia is making a grand comeback featuring countless stunning blossoms in a mesmerizing display.

The colours of the rainbow come to life every year at the Lakeland Flowers Abbotsford Tulip Festival in B.C.

Canada's most expansive flower festival spans across a 28-acre farm for half a year, showcasing over 5 million radiant tulips in more than 100 diverse shapes and colours.

Weather has a substantial impact on the festival's timing each year, and the unusually warm March this year prompted an early opening.

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If you plan on visiting the assorted field this year, be sure to check the Abbotsford Tulip Festival weather forecast before heading out!

Watch the video above to learn more about the festival.