How this popular Canadian ski resort cleans up the 'dirty' tourist industry

Sun Peaks Resort in British Columbia has taken on a green initiative that has earned it an ISO 14001 certification for environmental protection

British Columbia's Sun Peaks Resort stands as Canada's second-largest ski area, boasting 4,270 acres of skiable terrain across three peaks. Surprisingly, Sun Peaks made history as the inaugural North American ski resort to secure an ISO 14001 certification for its stellar environmental practices, aligning with the international benchmark for environmental stewardship.

Beyond eliminating plastics from resort eateries and transitioning chairlifts to hydroelectric power, one standout sustainability endeavour spearheaded by the resort since 2019 is their green waste initiative.

Discover more about Sun Peaks' pioneering method of converting food waste into fertile soil in the video above!

(Header image courtesy of Lone Wolf Productions)