Simple hacks to keep the wasps at bay in your backyard

Wasps are everywhere at the end of summer, but we have some tips to deal with the stinging insects in your yard

It's a classic late-summer scene: You thought you would be tending to your barbecue, but instead, you spent the afternoon fending off wasps.

They seem to be everywhere this year, and while we don’t encourage destroying the nest of a pollinator, there are ways to keep them at a distance so you can get back to cooking and eating your chicken breast in peace.

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The best offence is good a defence. It’s well known that wasps are highly attracted to food scraps. So, ensuring your garbage bins are sealed is the first step to keeping wasps at bay.

Watch the video above to check out the rest of the hacks that can help thwart the wasps' attempts to ruin your outdoor gathering.