Here's what you need, indoors and out, to get through winter

Get equipped to make it through the darkest season.

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Some parts of Canada have had a relatively mild winter so far (and milder days may be ahead, depending on how kind your local groundhog was), but the season is long – the cold and snow are inevitable, and no matter where you are, the short days can be hard to take. Whether it’s the weather or your reaction to it, we’ve put together this guide of products we recommend to take control of the season.

Snow Joe Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel

Snow Shovel (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on If your once-trusty shovel feels like it needed to be put to pasture, why not consider a new one? If you’re looking, Snow Joe has your back with this one – literally. It’s specifically designed to reduce the strain on your lower back, with a spring-assist handle and a design that shifts the work to your upper body.

Snow Joe Ice Melt

Snow Joe ice melt pet (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on Another inescapable reality of the Canadian winter, wherever you are: Icy conditions. If you’ve a driveway or have a sidewalk running in front of your house, it’s your responsibility to keep the slipperiness to a minimum, but if you’re concerned about the impact, there are varieties of ice melt out there that can spare your local environment, not to mention your pet’s paws. This variety is specifically designed to be vegetation and pet-friendly, and works in temperatures as low as -25°C.

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Yardworks Forged Steel Ice Scraper

Yardworks Ice Scraper (CTC)

SHOP NOW on Sometimes, ice melt just isn’t going to cut it, literally. Freezing rain and other severe winter weather, like a melt followed by a prolonged freeze, can leave surfaces absolutely coated with a thick layer of ice. You’ll need a proper ice chopper in that case, and we were drawn to this one not only because its 9-inch forged steel blade is longer than most models, but also because it features a d-grip, making it easier to hold.

GreenWorks Snow Blower

Snow blower (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on After a snowfall, I normally prefer to shovel by hand (it’s a great workout!), but if you prefer to avoid it altogether, or if the snow is just too much and too heavy, consider investing in a snow blower. We like this corded one from Greenworks for its 13-amp motor, offering a powerful alternative to gasoline varieties.

Yardworks 96V Cordless Snowblower

Yardworks Electric Snow Blower (CTC)

SHOP NOW on And if you’re looking to go cordless with your snow-blowing game, we prefer this all-electric, 21-inch option from Yardworks. Powered by 96V 5Ha batteries, it features a maximum runtime of 30 minutes, with a 150-minute charge. Perfect for small to mid-sized driveways, and at a good price-point also.

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Champion Inverter Generator

Champion Gas Generator (CTC)

SHOP NOW on Sometimes, coping with the winter means having to deal with the occasional power outage in the wake of a particularly hard-hitting storm. A good generator can help keep some appliances and heaters on while you wait for restoration, and this particular model is wildly popular among those who bought it from Canadian Tire. On a full tank, it provides 14 hours of run time on a 25 per cent load, and with an estimated noise level of a little over 60 decibels, it won’t bust out your eardrums. Do not run gasoline generators indoors.

LEVOIT Air Purifier

Air Purifier (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on Let’s take this indoors, where you can at least count on warmer temperatures – but with months to go before you can open a window, dust, pet dander, mould spores, and other irritants can build up over the winter months. A good air purifier can freshen things up in your home, and this option from Levoit is a good balance of function and price point, not to mention well-reviewed by those who bought it from With a proper HEPA filtration system using three filters, it’s a good fit for any mid-sized home, and if you want a version that’s good for just a single bedroom, Levoit offers smaller models.

Honeywell Mist Humidifier

Humidifier (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on Cold air is dry air – that’s not great for your sinuses, nor your skin. You can breathe easier with a good humidifier, especially in the bedroom, and of the many options out there, this one is the best value for money. The mist will help keep those nasal passages clear, and those who ordered it from report it’s silent enough not to interrupt your sleep. It’s priced well enough to afford more than one for each bedroom, too, which we think is a good investment.

Newentor Weather Station

Newentor Weather Station (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on Aside from the practicality of it, having a good weather monitoring station can be a kind of balm in and of itself during the winter months, in the sense that you feel a bit more in control for knowing exactly what the conditions are. Such stations are actually surprisingly inexpensive, and this one from Newentor comes in mid-range pricewise, while still offering all the bells and whistles as well as being well-reviewed. It comes with three remote sensors that you can place indoors or outdoors for a full look at the conditions of your home.

Philips Wake-Up Light

Amazon, Philips Wake Up Light, CANVA, DST

SHOP NOW on The darkness of the winter months is inescapable, and makes it hard to get up in the mornings. Don’t overlook the value of a proper wake-up light, like this one from Philips. The sunrise simulation light has natural wake-up sounds and a yellow light with 10 settings that will gradually awaken you within 30 minutes. Also works as a reading light and includes a nine-minute snooze option.

MediAcous Light Therapy Lamp

MediAcous Light Therapy Lamp (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on Whether you’ve woken up well or not, the body struggles with the lack of sunlight. A proper wake-up light really does help, as I discovered when I worked early morning shifts. Back in those days, I wish I’d had this version from MediAcous. Aside from its four brightness settings, it’s got a good handle on the light temperature as well, from white to a more amber variety – whichever you react best to.

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Honeywell Tower Space Heater

Honeywell Space Heater (CTC)

SHOP NOW on In an age of central heating, you’ll still have some chilly or drafty spots in your home or basement. You’ve seen oscillating tower fans in the summer, so why not opt for a space-heating equivalent? It features two heat settings, a programmable auto-off timer, and an easy-to-use digital display. Its oscillation feature also makes sure the heat is evenly distributed, something that will be very welcome indeed.

Weighted Idea Cooling Weighted Blanket

Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on A warm hug on a cold day is its own special panacea. Oddly, a weighted blanket can give the same kind of comfort when you’re chasing that deep sleep. This variety from Weighted Idea is wildly popular on, where it is a top seller and at least 22,000 buyers felt moved to give it a review. Weighing in at 20 pounds, with lighter and heavier options in multiple sizes, it’s interwoven with evenly-spread tiny glass beads, and is machine washable.

Insulated Travel Mug

Insulated Mug (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on Travel mugs are normally associated with your car, but they’ll do in a pinch at home when you need a warm boost on a cold day, too, and we especially like this one – it’s solid and elegant, and when you’ve got ‘YETI’ written on it, you know it will do the job well. You have the choice of 14 colours with this one, its construction keeps your drink warm for longer.

GroTheory 2 Pack Door Draft Stopper

GroTheory Door Draft Stoppers (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on You can have the best insulation in your home’s walls, but don’t forget about the space under your door. Drafts can get in easily, and in intense winds, so can a dash of rain or snow, requiring some unwanted cleanup. Under-door draft stoppers are pretty inexpensive, and worth the investment. This two-pack comes in three different colours and is made of silicone.

Winter Work Gloves

Work Gloves (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on This one’s from the outdoor maintenance category. If you have to change a tire or top up your oil, that can be a dirty job – you don’t want to ruin your regular gloves or do it bare-handed in wintertime. Mechanic’s work gloves are abundant online, but can be a bit too bulky in most cases, which is why we picked these: fleece-lined with a great PVC grip, they’ll be good enough for more finessed tasks while still keeping your digits warm.

Portable Electric Shoe, Glove, and Boot Dryer

Amazon, Electric Boot and Mitten Dryer, CANVA, Boxing Week

SHOP NOW on Heading outside for a walk in the snow can do you a power of good, but no one likes having to traipse back inside with a layer of slush on their shoes. This electric contraption will help keep your shoes, boots, gloves, socks and other outdoor gear as dry as possible. It features a time reservation function where you can set a different time for specific items. One thing we always gravitate to at Shop the Weather is portability and this option is designed to fold up and take with you for outdoor activities or easy storage.

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