Get equipped for gardening season with this must-have tool list

Whether you're a long-time gardener or just discovered your green thumb, here's your complete guide to all your gardening needs.

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Maybe you’ve already completed all your spring preparations to make your backyard or garden an oasis for the upcoming summer. Maybe you’re a little behind. Whatever stage you’re at, this guide is a good place to start looking for the kind of tools you’ll need for the whole season, whether you need something new or need to upgrade an old stalwart that’s reached the end of its usefulness.

Garant 20-Tine Multi-Purpose Steel Rake

Garant Multi-Purpose Rake (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on If you’re late clearing off the various post-winter debris, or just finished and found your usual rake a bit lacking, maybe now’s the time to upgrade. We love this beast from Garant, with an impressive 20 steel tines and a design that’ll make it hard for even the smallest twigs to slip through. Add in a long comfort grip, and this is one rake that won’t let you down.

Walensee Lawn Coring Aerator

Walensee Coring Aerator (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on It’s not too late to give your lawn a good aerating, and for that, many garden experts recommend aerators that use the coring method rather than simple spikes, as more effective at letting in fertilizer, water and air. This simple and sturdy variety from Walensee does that job well, relying on no more than foot power and your own weight to really get down deep.

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Goplus Compost Spreader

GoPlus Compost Shredder (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on If you’ve a larger lawn, and either haven’t got to it yet or are in the market for something for next season, a larger compost spreader like this can be a more efficient way to spread compost, peat moss and other growth enhancers across your yard. Lightweight and featuring an even mesh construction, it will make short work of the fertilization process.

Snow Joe Multi-Purpose Spreader

Snow Joe Handheld Spreader (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on We’ve recommended this before as a good way of evenly spreading ice melter across your driveway or footpaths, but it’s just as effective at spreading fertilizer and other nutrients, with its adjustable lid with inbuilt scoop, and five-pound capacity.

Case4Life Garden Tool Belt

Case4Life Garden Tool Belt (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on Once you’ve done whatever post-winter prep you need for your lawn and beds, it’s best to set yourself up for ongoing maintenance. Between pruners, trowels, gloves and other things you might need to lug around, why not invest in a proper gardening pouch? This one features one large zippered pocket, and five pouches of varying sizes to keep most of your smaller gardening tools handy.

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Fiskars Pruning Shears

Fiskars Pruning Shears (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on Now’s also the time to take a look at replacing some of your older, worn-out gardening tools. Wherever possible, I personally go for Fiskars – not only is it a wonderful design all around, this hand pruner’s precision-ground steel blade not only slices through small branches with finesse, it features a special coating that’s rust-resistant and low-friction.

Fiskars Hori Hori Gardening Knife

Fiskars Hori Gardening Knife (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on If you’re new to gardening, you’d be surprised at the kind of use you can put a gardening knife to, and this one from Fiskars is as versatile as they come. It features a double-edged blade with different serrations depending on what you need, measurements etched into the metal, and a forked tip for more efficient weeding. This very product hangs off my belt when I’m out tending to the beds.

Mossy Oak Folding Saw

Mossy Oak Folding Saw (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on A full-sized saw isn’t always the best or even necessary tool for all sawing jobs as you manage your yard or garden. A good hand saw works great for many such tasks, and this version from Mossy Oak is another one that’s in my personal kit. It features three separate blades depending on the need (from pruning to hardwood to even metal), easy to swap in as you need, and it folds easily into its included nylon sheath.

Fiskars Extendable Lopper

Fiskars Extendable Lopper (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on Especially useful in the spring and fall, you’ll need a good set of lopping shears in your kit. This is another that has always served me very well, from Fiskars, with its hardened steel blade with anti-friction coating. It can extend up to 37 inches, and it’s been my very dear friend over many seasons, cutting through branches up to an inch and a half with tremendous ease.

Flexzilla Garden Hose

Flexzilla Garden Hose (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on Hoses wear out over the seasons, so if you’re in the market for replacement, this is worth your consideration. Flexible and durable with rust-proof aluminum ends, it’s also hot water and drinking water safe.

Signature Garden Spray Nozzle

Signature Garden Spray Nozzle (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on A proper nozzle is a must when you’re expecting to regular watering of your lawn, plants or flowers – those are all different tasks which require different streamflow. This heavy-duty variety from Signature Garden caught our eye, not only because of its eight different settings. Unlike many of its competitors, it’s made of metal with an enamel finish, and we especially love its ergonomic grip.

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