Ottawa's iconic Rideau Canal is literally on thin ice, but a snowbot could help

The future of Ottawa's iconic Rideau Canal Skateway is on thin ice, literally. Here's one way it could potentially be saved.

As Ottawa's winters continue to warm, the future of the iconic Rideau Canal Skateway hangs in the balance, quite literally.

New research indicates that by 2050, Ottawa's winter season will shrink by 5 weeks, accompanied by a 35% decrease in the number of days below -10 °C.

Yet, a glimmer of hope emerges through an innovative pilot project fuelled by education and creativity, igniting the potential to preserve this beloved Canadian tradition for generations to come.

Watch the video above as we showcase the fascinating snowbot that may hold the key to saving Ottawa's renowned skateway.

(Header image courtesy Terence Ho, Carleton University)