Skiing for non-skiers? A 'snow limo' can take you out onto the slopes

Tours are weather-dependent

So you have always dreamed of experiencing the thrill of skiing, but there is just one problem: you have never been before. Well, at Sun Peaks Ski Resort, you can experience what it is like to go skiing without actually putting on skis with the help of North America's only Snow Limo Tour.

The "limo" is built like a dog sled, with room in the back for your snow limo chauffeur to guide you down the mountain, and all you have to do is sit back and relax and take in the beautiful views.

The whole idea came about when the inventor of the snow limo wanted to take his mom, who had never skied before, out on the mountain. Now Michael Pfeil owns the company, and he says his biggest clientele is grandparents who want to be able to experience their grandchildren skiing.

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