Niagara Falls turned brown on Christmas Day

Last week's storm churned up a lot of water.

Tourists visiting Niagara Falls Christmas Day saw the honourary 8th wonder of the world sporting a new look - the water had turned brown. In a tweet, ECCC Canada said the water looked "chocolate," but you wouldn't want to drink the water roaring down the falls.

The temporary makeover was due to winds up to 110 km/h sweeping over Lake Erie for two days prior, coupled with harsh, 9-metre waves that churned debris. So while some of the colour was due to rocks, sand, and other natural pieces of debris some was due to storm sewer backwash emptying into the Niagara River and Fort Erie, Insauga reports.

This is on the Canadian side, by the way.

It was a different story on the U.S. side, with several images and videos emerging of frozen falls.

The Buffalo area was hard-hit by a storm over the holidays, which dumped around 140 cm of snow in some places. The system, which was felt throughout much of the United States, caused at least 60 deaths nationwide, Reuters reports.

Thumbnail image - file photo courtesy of Canva Pro.