Mammoth iceberg captures the attention and hearts of Canadian town

Estimates pegged the massive iceberg at 30 metres high, leaving tourists and residents in the small town of Ferryland, N.L., in awe at its sheer size.

Icebergs aren't an uncommon sight in Newfoundland, but this particular frozen, floating block left people astonished over its large size.

The icy visitor was seen recently off the coast of Ferryland, N.L., about 60 kilometres south of St. John's. It is perfectly nestled in the province's renowned Iceberg Alley.

Estimates pegged the massive iceberg at 30 metres high, drawing scores of locals and visitors to the coast to capture a glimpse of the powerful iceberg.

In fact, Charlie Dunne, co-owner of Dunne's Bed and Breakfast in Ferryland, told CBC News this particular iceberg is one of the biggest he has ever seen, even surpassing the size of the block seen in April 2017.

Environment and Climate Change Canada's latest bulletin indicates there are more than 200 icebergs along the Newfoundland coast currently, possibly as high as 275.

With files from CBC News.

Watch how the iceberg caught the attention of Newfoundlanders in the video above.

Thumbnail courtesy of Danny Arsenault/CBC.