Find random holes in your yard? Here's what could be causing them

What could be digging up holes in your lawn? We have information on how to discourage skunks from tearing up your yard

Once a pristine lawn is now left in shreds. If that's how you would describe your yard, then it's likely you have quite a pungent problem on your hands.

Those holes are from the nose of a skunk, which is looking for grub by sniffing out its next meal.

Skunks digging up holes in a backyard/Free to use with no courtesy

Holes in a yard caused by a skunk.

After you've seen the damage, you might be wondering if the lawn can be fixed or not.

Well, the good news, according to Ryan Rainville, general manager Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, is that there is still an opportunity to repair the holes in your yard since it is early spring.

Damage as seen in the video and in the embedded photo could mean a skunk isn't just looking for food, but it is living on your property. Rainville explains what to look for in the report.

Watch the video above to learn how to fix these holes and prevent the animals from digging up your yard again.