Famous mountain goes viral after visitors find pipes supplying waterfall

Officials said the pipes are only used during dry spells.

A period of dry weather forced officials to take creative measures to maintain the appearance of a famous waterfall.

Earlier this month, visitors to the Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area in Central China found several pipes discharging water from the top of the mountain.

The Yuntai waterfall is a popular attraction known for its single-drop height of 314 meters, but during the dry season, water flow diminishes. In 2023, more than seven million people flocked to the site, according to Reuters.

Photos of the pipes have gone viral on Douyin, the Chinese version of Tiktok, and have received widespread media attention, sparking debate.

In response, officials released a statement on the social media website Weibo, saying the pipes are not meant to create an artificial waterfall but instead used to preserve the site's appearance during dry season.

According to Reuters, authorities reiterated their commitment to preserving Yuntai's landscape and said any measures taken are evaluated to ensure there are no adverse effects on the natural environment.